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PSB Wrist Support

PSB Wrist Support


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Easily fitted and used.

PSB wrist support

Practising sports with a PSB wrist support:

The PSB wrist support is eminently suited for the prevention and treatment of wrist injuries. The wrist support ensures controlled limitation of movements without interfering with sports activities. The PSB wrist support provides the right kind of support when the wrist stretches or bends. The support feels very comfortable and is easy to apply without help.

PSB is a quality product made by Push, developed by a team of experienced specialists in close cooperation with physicians and athletes. PSB uses innovative technology, the latest insights and the most advanced materials.

About wrist injuries:

Wrist complaints can be very unpleasant for athletes practising theirs sports. In particular the tendons around the wrist are subject to considerable stress. This may lead to excessive strain, resulting in pain complaints. Wrist complaints are often long-lived, as the wrist continues to be stressed. Remedial therapy and muscle exercises may provide a solution. In the case of serious complaints, medication may help. Please consult your physician for advice.


The PSB wrist support can be used in the following cases:

  • To prevent wrist injuries.
  • In the case of a sore wrist.
  • In the case of increased mobility of the wrist joint.

There are no known disorders where the PSB wrist support cannot or should not be worn. Please be aware that pain is always a sign of warning. If pain or complaints persist without a clear cause, it is recommended that you visit your GP, physiotherapist or sports physician.

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