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Push med epi and elbow braces and PSB sports brace for tennis elbow (epicondylitis)

Push Med Elbow Brace

Push Med Elbow Brace

The Push Med Elbow Brace provides for infinitely adjustable extension limitation of the elbow joint. This prevents overstretching.
The degree of restriction desired can be
easily adjusted with one hand. The strap system is very functional by virtue of withstanding strong traction forces at different angles.

The good anatomical fit and the silicone
application help the position of the brace to be maintained during movements. The brace is comfortable and light. A zipper makes it easy to put on and take off the brace.


  • Impingement in the case of overstretching (capsular clamping)
  • Persistent complaints after elbow dislocations and/or fractures
  • Degenerative disorders of the elbow joint

Push Med Elbow size chartPush Med Elbow size chart

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Push Med Elbow Brace Epi

Push Med Elbow Brace Epi

The Push Med Elbow Brace Epi reduces the pain of tennis or golfer’s elbow. The pressure pad ensures that pressure is directed to the extensors (in the case of tennis elbow) or the flexors (in the case of golfer’s arm) of the wrist. This relieves the anchorage dependence of these muscles on the elbow. The pad consists of a skin-compatible elastic polymer.

The plastic reinforcement element ensures evenly distributed pressure around the arm and prevents squeezing. 
The good anatomical fit and the pad material help the position of the brace to be maintained during movements. The brace can easily be fitted with one hand around the

Special instructions
It is possible to explain the distribution of pressure in a stylized way. It is important to position the pressure pad as shown in the illustration.


  • Tennis elbow (lateral epicondylitis)
  • Golfer’s elbow (medial epicondylitis)

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PSB Arm Strap

PSB Arm Strap

Good quality Arm Brace used for strain injuries to the lower arm muscles such as "Tennis Elbow"

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PUSH products can be used for a wide range of cases and conditions, offered in three profiles: care, med and ortho.

Push med elbow brace Epi
Offers local pressure on the extensors (tennis elbow) or the flexors (golfer's arm) of the wrist and thus relieves the insertion of the tendons to the epicondyle.

Push med elbow brace
Limits the range of motion at the elbow and provides pain relief by means of compression. Can be easily adjusted with one hand.

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